The Tape, Cable, and Stowage Management Clip (TCSM Clip) serves three functions and snaps onto the standard ISS handrail. It neatly stores a roll of duct tape on the “legs” of the clip. The “arms” of the clip hold wires/cables. While the TCSM Clip holds duct tape, the inside of the duct tape roll serves as a storage container, using the space that is ordinarily unused. The crossbar attachments’ clip hold in place plastic bags holding small items, such as the Loose Article Bag on the ISS. If the duct tape interior is not storing anything, the crossbar attachments can be used to store ordinary clear tape or to clip down items. This design prints with no supports. It explores incorporating preexisting structures of consumable products, such as duct tape, into 3D printed design solutions.

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