This piece of equipment is called The Amazing Personal Medicine Cabinet. In this design, the two pieces of equipment that were combined are an I.V. and a storage unit. The I.V. has a small hole in the top of it to insert a tube and needle which will have to be supplied. The I.V. can have is mainly for the use of chemotherapy medicine. Many astronauts get cancer in space because of all the radiation in space. This I.V. would then be very helpful to help any astronaut that gets cancer in space. The storage unit has a separate compartment for any medicine needed, to hold the chemo medicine, and the I.V. that will be used. There is a small pocket to put the medicine in so nothing falls out. While the patient is getting the chemo, the I.V. can stay stationary because of the holes on the back, which can be connected to rope, so it can hang or be put away easily. The I.V. is connected to the storage unit so it can’t fall. This invention won’t let the I.S.S. down!

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