This tool combines a Phillips screwdriver (of standard size) and a flathead screwdriver. Additionally, the tool’s handle is hollow, thus able to hold the interchangeable screwdriver heads and screws. With this tool, the screwdriver heads and screws will be safely stored inside the screwdriver, thus not needing an additional storage unit. There is screw-on cap for the storage compartment inside the handle. The different interchangeable heads have a snap-fit cube on the end, allowing it to snugly fit into the handle. The cube-shaped snap fit joint works well with the screwdrivers’ twisting motions. One of the unique aspects of this tool is that it is not limited to screwdrivers. It can be expanded to include multiple different tool heads, such as a socket wrench, knife, saw, manual drill, etc. Astronauts could even 3D print a tooth brush head. By combining several different tools and supplying a storage unit inside the handle, this efficient instrument saves precious space.

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