Holder-Clamp has an expandable, modular design allowing astronauts to hang bags, hold drill bits and improve the way astronauts do tasks. Even though when it might not work on earth’s gravity, the microgravity of space allows Holder-Clamp to be longer. The hook and screwdriver drill/screwdriver bit holder makes a great combination when working on the space station. The hook allows astronauts to hang bags while the bit holder allows astronauts to hold bits without fumbling with the bag. The C-clamp could clamp on to most surfaces on the space station even though it is made of very slippery plastic, because of the pressure given to the metal surface on the station, the C-clamp is completely competent at clamping to the surface of the space station. The modular design of the Holder-Clamp allows it to expand and create a tool that could be adapted for many tasks.

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