Combining round hooks and container bins could be very useful to the International Space Station. The model created is a dark blue round bin with twelve hooks on the outside. Out of the twelve hooks, four of the hooks in the first and third row there are open half compartments that can hold smaller things. The model also includes a cap for the bin to be sealed. The hooks could be used to wrap or clip on a variety of items able to fit around them. For instance, they can be used to wrap IP/handrail clamps, cable ties, and short wire cables around them to hold them. The half compartments below the hooks can be used to rest the item being wrapped around or clamped in place instead of having it float. The half compartments can also be used to hold loose bolts, screws, nuts, ect. The container part of the model that’s on the inside can be used to hold a variety of things items such as; A small tool, medic, or sewing kits, clamps, loose tools, even smaller containers.

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