During construction, leaks of fluids on the ISS can be a disaster. For example, when spacewalking astronauts connected the Destiny laboratory module to the ISS in 2001, ammonia was seen coming from the hose lines. The liquid coolant was leaking from the fittings. The challenge for the astronauts is spotting these types of small leaks in when they are in space. It’s difficult to look at a whole station for leaks with just a human eye. I have created a scanner that attaches to the astronaut’s helmet that is used during spacewalks. The tool will scan the outside of the ISS during the spacewalk and send the results of the scan to the crew on the inside. The scan is going to help detect any small leaks. The astronauts need to make sure they attach the Leak Analyzer to the side of the helmet pointing forward. The scanner is made of plastic that won’t break when it is hit against walls.

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