My invention is a hammer with a screw slot on the side to insert a screwdriver tip. It works by taking a hammer and adding a ⅝ inch screwdriver hole to it’s side. It can fit a phillips head or a flat head. It just has to be a ⅝ inch screwdriver tip. On the bottom of the hammer’s handle is a hole which can be used for a keychain to secure the tool to the astronauts belt. I discovered on that a hammer and any type of screwdriver tip are intervehicular tools. Astronauts use them to fix cables, so instead of carrying a hammer and screwdriver they can just use my 2 in 1 tool. The less tools they have, the more room they have to bring more objects. According to NASA, they are going to try to start shipping objects to space shuttles. That’s why I made this 2 in 1 object. My object is entirely 3D printable. When astronauts eventually bring 3d printers to space, they can make my invention in space. The only part not 3D printable is the screwdriver tip.

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