For my submission, I designed a hair brush but the handle of the brush is a storage container that can have many uses. Although the astronauts are up in space for work, they also need to take care of themselves. My 3D printable design will make it easy to do both work, and keep the astronauts healthy. The hairbrush can help the astronauts brush their hair in the morning, and the storage, even though it is small, can hold little things like bobby pins and hair ties. I chose to make this design, because I know that I am always brushing my hair and I don't know what I would do without a hairbrush. The hairbrush have points to make it easier to pull through even the toughest knots, but they aren’t too sharp. From my research, it is important for the astronauts to have personal hygiene. The astronauts should have a place to keep their small hair accessories. They need clips to keep hair out of their faces while trying to do work. I believe my design would be useful to the astronauts.

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