The Screw-Wrench is a multi-purpose tool that can be easily used in space. It has a screwdriver on one side and and a wrench on the other. There are also holes in the middle of the tool to fit extra screws. By combining these tools you can save double the space. The screwdriver can be used almost anywhere around the station due to the fact it can hold different screws. It can’t be used outside of the station because the handle is too thin for the pressurized gloves to hold. However, it can be modified to have a bigger handle. There are also holes in the middle of the Screw-Wrench that are just big enough to fit the screws with a little force, but small enough that the screws won’t float away. The wrench is also very handy because space is very unpredictable. So if you need to screw something in and you see a loose bolt, you can easily tighten it without having to go back and get a second tool. This tool makes everyday life in the space station easier and faster, if used efficiently.

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