Made using ABS plastic, I’ve mixed a telescope and a magnify glass. It’s made so when you fold it together you use the telescope by looking through it with one eye, but when you unfold it you use the magnify glass. The telescope expands, letting you get closer to your object. A strong glass would be used for both the telescope, and magnify glass. Telescopes are important for outer space because astronomers can use the telescope to look at stars, planets, or any other type of things needed to look at, see more colors, or light our eyes cannot see. The magnify glass is important, as astronomers can use it to look at any specific rock, or item they may find in space. If astronomers have to exam an item as soon as they find it the magnify glass will be very helpful. A magnify glass can help see small details on anything, and sometimes finding smalls details are very important when dealing with science. This is a telescope and magnify glass mixed, two important tools used in space.

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