The Headlamp Pen Holder is a clip that attaches to a headlamp strap and creates a holder for a pen. This item will be useful for them to have on the ISS because they don’t have a secure and easily accessible place to put their pens. With my tool they will be able to simply slide the clip onto the strap of their headlamp and safely secure there pen into place in the clip. The Headlamp Pen Holder was created with two rectangles both with a height of 18mm, length of 64 mm, and a width of 3 mm. With a square with a height of 18mm, length of 18mm, and a width of 3mm. Then a half circle that creates the bend to close the clip. With a height of 18mm, length of 9mm, and a width of 6mm. And finally there is the small cylinder that is attached to the left rectangle that goes into the hole on the right rectangle to close the clip and secure the pen. The cylinder and the hole have the height and length of 3mm.

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