Do you remember in April 2015, 27 airmen’s lives were at risk because of a loose nut? The nut connecting the oxygen tanks wasn’t locked in properly which had caused an explosion. Imagine this to happen on a shuttle, what would happen then? We’d lose someone in space, where no one could find them. Now this brings the One Hit Wonder along. The tool has a ratchet on the end of it’s body, the color being a silver to look more realistic. At the other end, the look of a star-shaped screw is there to mimic the actual tool. To use this the astronauts will switch back and forth amongst the two whenever they’ll need it. This will be needed in space for many reasons. One of them being for safety. Just to make sure that one little screw or nut is in it's correct place and not floating around the shuttle as astronauts reach space. Another reason would be to actually work on finishing touches of other complex tools in space that need an additional screw or nut needed to be tightened a bit more.

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