I came up with the idea to put multiple types of tools into a switchblade style look. My invention includes 3 different size Allen wrench, a flat head Screwdriver, and a Phillips Head Screwdriver. They are all compacted into one case like object which resembles a switchblade kind of look. It also acts as a switchblade would. You have the two wall like pieces that keeps the tools covered and you have the tools in between. They all have a long shaft going through the top to keep them connected. The tools are pulled out and put back in place by spinning around the shaft. It acts just as a switchblade except, it doesn’t have a stopper that keeps it held and it doesn’t flip out quickly. It is all manual.

My item originally had a bulkier look for astronauts gloves but to account for the tools to be durable enough, I had to cut down some of the bulk. I believe that it would more so be a tool that would be used with bare hands and no gloves.

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