When making repairs astronauts have to deal with different temperatures, bulky gloves, and no gravity. I decided to combine two tools and modify them into one for space use. The two tools are a scraper and cement holder. The scraper will allow astronauts to remove damaged or broken tiles and the cement holder will have the cement to fill cracks and tiles. The scraper can also be used to smooth the cement. I call it Scrape n Fill. My two in one tool has a large handle with a flat scraper at the end. It has a sharp blade to scrape and smooth out tiles. The handle has a small compartment to hold the cement in. The dimensions for the handle are 45mm by 30mm by 80mm. The scraper is 65mm by 40mm by 50mm. The compartment for holding the cement is 25mm by 20mm by 45mm. My reason for combining these two tools together is to have a useful tool that could be used as simply in space like they could at home.

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