The problem is, that when astronauts need multiple sizes of wrenches, screwdrivers, or any other hand tools, they need to bring extra tools with them. It is very expensive to bring extra supplies into space, because it costs about $43,180 per pound of cargo the astronauts take with them into space. However, if they only have to bring the Universal Grip Tool with them on the rocket, and just print the tool heads that they need, they will save space and mass. The screwdriver heads are interchangeable as well as the wrench heads. There are many sizes. This tool is really easy to use. The only thing that the astronauts need to do, is to remove a head and place a different sized head on it. This tool does not only accept wrench and screwdriver heads, many other tools can be used as well. I really hope my tool will be developed in the future.

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