The tool that I designed is a pistol grip tool that has different types of screwdrivers or wrenches that come out of the handle. The screwdrivers could be useful for any bolts or items that need to be tightened, closed, or opened. The pistol grip tool is also a helpful item. It is used to drill into things. It is basically a cordless power drill. It is said that the pistol grip drill has been used for most repairs up in space. It is even called the ¨Staple of the National American Space Station´s space tool arsenal¨. Combining the tools could be helpful to save space and it would make things easier on a astronaut who has to use it. I have read that there is always a need for more space, so the more space that can be saved, the better. There could always be complications when creating new tools or combining old ones, but this tool is simple enough to be combined easily. Despite the simpleness of putting these tools together, it could be incredibly useful to NASA astronauts in space.

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