Difficulties using small tools could be compounded in a zero - gravity environment, where fine coordination could be affected. Thus, this submission combines a small tool with a commonly used item to help improve ease of use on the ISS.
Allen wrenches, as small hand tools, can be frustrating to use at times if the situation requires a certain angle or position of use. T-shaped handles can be attached to allen wrenches; however, rather than creating a simple handle for an allen wrench, this design utilizes another tool as a handle: a pen.
The allen wrench can be inserted into the 3D printed part as it would in a normal handle. Above the allen wrench section, a pen can be clipped in horizontally. This keeps the allen wrench from falling out and provides extra leverage for the user. This will allow the wrench to be easily turned, even in situations where it may be difficult to reach or hold.

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