This device effectively combines every connection device used on the ISS into one small portable tool and more: 1) A ring (to secure bungee cords, carabiners, and ropes), 2) a male seat rail connector (with a novel design to provide a spring-free connection to the rail with a single slide and twist mechanism), 3) a common screw base, 4) a hand rail connector, 5) a multi-use clip (to allow for a convenient belt clip), 6) a seat rail track (for attachments to devices with a male part), 7) a velcro strap area (for connection of other tools and attachment to stable objects), 8) a rotating camera shoe using the body of the screwdriver holder, 9) screw storage cavity, and 10) a 360 degree rotating storage area (a ball and socket joint) for two tools (to decrease reliance on a toolbox). This combination of necessary implements allows astronauts the luxury of having every kind of connector and rotation factor to allow tools to be accessed in virtually every position, situation, and location.

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