My Two for the Crew invention is a comb connected to a hair tie or bobby pin holder. This seems like something so irrelevant when you first hear about it, but when you come to think about it, in space there’s no gravity. This means if a woman astronaut has long hair, it will get easily tangled floating in the air. Knotted hair is extremely uncomfortable after a while. My two in one invention hopefully can make this an easier trip into space. The orange cylinder at the one side of my invention is hollow, and has a square shaped opening so you can put in whatever you need to put in there. It’s meant for hair tools, but you may use it as needed. The other side of my two in one invention is a comb. The comb has six bristles that will help get the knots in your hair out. I’ve seen other combs in the gallery, but none of them had a small storage container. Plus the other combs had thin bristles and mine are thick. The thicker the better because it's less likely to break it it's sturdy.

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