The Illuminated-Cable-Clamp, or ICC, is a functional device that can be used by astronauts to travel via handrail with ease on the ISS or Beam. There are three main components to the Illuminated Clamp, a cable management system, a handrail clamp, and a portable light.Cables can be hooked into the curved structures near the bottom of the tool and can be wrapped around the hand-holding portion of the device. While in use, astronauts can wrap their fingers around the two grooves of the hand-holding portion.This tool also serves a storage unit for LED lights and allows mandala inspired patterns to illuminate the walls of the ISS. To assemble, snap in the knob to the clamp socket. This allows the ICC to have a wide range of motion and adapt to the zero-gravity condition in space.To use, place a coin cell LED light into the bottom four legs within the bowl of the light holder. Clasp the ICC onto a handrail and use it to the astronaut's desires.

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