The Space Pliers are a set of 3D printed pliers that also have a flat head end on one handle and a triangular cut out on the other handle for leverage or picking objects out of hard to reach places or crevices too small for the pliers themselves. There are two parts that snap together by pushing the joints areas on each part together. There are matching curves that will be pushed into place and a tolerance has been allowed so that usage can be done with an ideal amount of friction. For fastening it to your person or to the ISS, a hole for being key chained to the walls or astronauts is provided on one of the handles. These pliers will be able to be taken anywhere to do jobs right then and there. Going to the set of tools on the ISS and finding and using the one you need is more of a hassle than taking care of small problems on the spot. Multi hex nut tools are nice but they are common and only useful in places with standardized fasteners while the pliers can be used on far more.

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