This Space wrench is designed to be able to reach places that human hands can't reach to unscrew a bolt that needs to be unscrewed. The tools that I put together Is a wrench and a hinge to make the wrench move up and down so that it can reach smaller places that needs the wrench to be angled a way to unscrew the bolt. Astronauts would need this because sometimes the suit might be too big to reach small places. So they would use the wrench put it in the right angle and unscrew the bolt. I wanted to put these tools together because I love to work with tools and use my hands so I would make a tool to help astronauts. You can aslo unscrew the ball to replace it with something else. There is a hook on the back of the wrench so when astronauts are doing spacewalks you can attach a hook so the wrench won't float away.

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