Going off into outer space for long periods of time can cause tons of trash build up and pollution in space. With all that trash there would be no room for the necessities of the trip. Luckily on August 10th 2015, Expedition 44 members ate the first space grown vegetables! In space instead of packing foods, astronauts can soon rely solely on space grown foods. All they would need is seeds and tools for planting. So I made a space farming tool. It has a rake on one side and a shovel on the other side. They can use this to dig up plants, vegetables, and holes for planting. The rake can help keep the soil in the best condition for planting in space. I used a ball and socket joint to make the rake bend up acting as a handle, and as it bends back down it can be just a normal rake. This way it is even more size affective and it is easier to carry on the go. This will save more room for other essential tools. It would be best printed out of ABS or a strong but some what flexible material.

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