Extension Hammer ScrewDriver
How to use my tool for space
My tool to help the astronauts is The Extension Hammer Screwdriver. First, there is a flashlight that you have to put an electrical light bulb in the hole and put a lid on it. Then you will see a skinny hole and that will be a grip so it does not fall out of your hand. Over it will be a hammer and you just hold it. If you have to get any wires out you can use the thing on the back and pull it out. The flashlight and hammer are connected because if it is dark or the lights went out, you could use a flashlight to hammer something in and see what you're hammering. Turn it around and you’ll see a screwdriver. Then you can screw something in if it falls out. Last, there is a extension stick. If you have to get somewhere, you could reach far with it. Just hold the extension cord and type from a far distance.

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