My two tools combined are a wrench and an HSS hand drill. They both can be used for scientific reasons. Together they can help get the job done faster.You won’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of tools if they are combined like these two. With the wrench you can tighten bolts and the hand drill can be used to tighten or unscrew the smaller screws on a device. Together it would make space travel even more successful. The top of the device includes the wrench part of the device, while the drill is at the bottom. The loops on the device is where you can hold the combined tools. Thanks to the shape of the wrench it can fit around many rings and other chemicals, such as how they fit around bolts. They have historically upgraded wrenches to fit many things like the “Nanoscale Wrench.” The HSS Hand Drill is a small device where you can operate on smaller screws on a device. Together it makes my idea for the Two for The Crew design challenge.

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