My design is a channel lock with a Phillips head screwdriver on one end of the handle and a flat head on the other end. A channel lock is basically shaped like a clamp, with two handles joining together to make a C shape. There are small grooves on the middle of the C to allow the channel locks two ends to either meet or separate. Channel locks can be used as pliers, wrenches, or clamps. This can be used for tightening wires, bolts, and cables on anything in the ISS. The machines would be bolted down, and if needed you can tighten or loosen the bolts. The length of the pliers allows there to be leverage, so not a lot of energy is used when utilizing this tool. This particularly makes it perfect for space because it becomes one more easy thing to do to get the job done. This is a 5-in-1 tool that is a brilliant space and time saver. It would be perfect for the space station, where there is very limited space. It is basically a tool box in one tiny tool.

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