At around the size of a football field, the International Space Station is an enormous orbiting facility, and it’s considered the largest spacecraft ever built. An estimated amount of eight miles worth of wire connects the electrical power system of the International Space Station. There have been 201 spacewalks (a period of activity outside of spacecraft by an astronaut) taken so far to repair or keep the Station properly maintained. When repairing or assembling parts of the Station, it would be convenient to use one tool instead of multiple. A small yet reliable knife would serve as a quick blade to get out when you need to make an incisions or quickly cut through an object, such as a sort of faulty wire or a rope. A magnifying glass can help you detect the tiny parts of the ISS that might not be spotted at first glance due to the other many parts surrounding it. A magnifying glass can also help identify other forms of life, such as a bacteria that was recently discovered.

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