My tool is a toothbrush, toothpaste dispenser, and holder. In addition to that, it can store water to clean the toothbrush. This is used to brush your teeth while dispensing the paste into the bristles at the same time. In the center, there is a square in a patch of bristles where it will be dispensed. You would insert the stick, which is given, through the circle at the bottom and push up until you get the proper amount. Gravity is a little problem in space. It makes everything that is easy on Earth, harder to do in space. So, brushing your teeth will be a challenge. The tooth paste floats around while you are trying to place it on the brush and since the ship is small, many precautions have to be taken so nothing will be lost. Everything in their hygiene kit is attached with velcro according to “ The Challenge of Brushing Your Teeth In Space.” So, my device will make it easy for storage. This toothbrush will make it safer, easy, efficient, and will save space on the spaceship.

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