My design combines two pieces on the ISS which are accessories to the drill motor which is stocked on board. Specifically, it is a concept drawing of a new battery casing for the drill motor battery which can hold metal screw extensions of width 7mm and length greater than 30mm. It combines both the drill battery and drill bit pouch into one object. There are a few necessary notes about my design:
It requires external magnets to be press fit in the three bottom slots behind the extruded tubes for the bit extensions. Each would be a cube approximately 7.4 mm wide 10mm long by 10mm tall.
The dimensions are rough, and the drawing would need to be modified to fit on the bottom of a drill battery when printed.
Ideally, if my design was finalized and printed, it would mean astronauts on the ISS could simply store drill extensions on the bottom of the drill battery, magnetically secured. This would make swapping out extensions a much more efficient process, which could be quite useful.

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