My project is a grip tool. You can use it to grab things such as bolts, nuts, and washers. It is a sturdy, durable tweezer like tool. It also has two screwdrivers at the ends. One is a flat head and the other is a Philips. This tool is designed to be a bolt tightening tool that fits in your pocket. This is easy, portable, and strong. I know if I had a 3D printer I would print this tool to use it. Although it is small, it is a useful tool to have when working on something that needs to be unscrewed or tightened up. The screwdriver heads are average size. The grip part of the tool is thick, so they are able to take hard squeezing and intense friction. To use this tool you squeeze it shut with the “bolt” inside it. This protects your hand from make physical contact with the “bolt” so your hand is not damaged. To use the screwdriver part of the tool you just place it on the screw and rotate the tool to tighten or loosen the “bolt”. This the tool to save your hands.

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