The CaraClip is a combination of an S-carabiner and a cable gripper/clip. The carabiner on top can be used to attach the clip to any loop, belt, or handle and the bottom clip can be used to bundle cables, grip small objects such as pens or pencils, or as a basic hook when the arm is fully removed from the main body; these features are very helpful in microgravity tool usage, especially on the International Space Station. This tool is extremely versatile, and can likely be used for even more clever applications. The potential applications of this design are as limitless as the astronauts' ingenuity and creativity! Technical note: The pegs on both clips are designed with tolerances slightly less than the recommended amount for hinges in order to add the tension needed to hold items, but they can be sanded back or otherwise trimmed to adjust for 3D printer tolerances. The carabiner clip assembles as shown in the image.

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