My two devices for the Two for the Crew Challenge is a screwdriver and a wrench. The scrench is designed to save space in the ISS. It is a flat head screwdriver and a standard wrench. On the ISS, there are a lot of different screwdrivers. Drawers and drawers full of screwdrivers. Having a tool that can be used for more than one thing would be a great space saver. Screwdrivers could be used to fix a simple object or a computer. A wrench can fix nuts and bolts in exercise equipment or other important things. On the ISS, there are a lot of different exercise equipments that might need to be fixed. The astronauts on the ISS, need to exercise regularly ( With the astronauts exercising so much, something is bound to break or loosen eventually. The ISS has many items that use screws, nuts, and bolts in their inner workings. You could also use the scrench to wedge your way into a device that needs fixing. In conclusion, the scrench can be used many different ways.

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