Attention all ISS members, are you ever in an emergency scenario in which you need quick access to either a knife or a screwdriver? Well, if you do, the Driving Knife is your answer! The Driving Knife is a new upgrade to a plain old knife and a regular screwdriver. Not only does the Driving Knife have an easy to access, sharp knife, but it has a fast-motion screwdriver. The knife is at a location where you cannot injure yourself while using the screwdriver, which is on the opposing side. The screwdriver’s advanced technology allows ISS members to fasten a loose bolt or screw in a minut amount of time (which is clearly needed when also managing a space shuttle). But wait… there’s more! The Driving Knife has an extremely beneficial handle in which you are completely saved from ever harming or cutting your hands. If you are not satisfied with my user-friendly invention, you are missing out. Don’t think twice, pick the Driving Knife!

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