I have made a PENcil. I have combined a pen and a pencil to make this invention. It looks like your ordinary everyday mechanical pencil, but when when you click the eraser, it becomes a pen and vise versa. You always see number two pencils, so I made a #2.0 pencil. I was going to make the invention by combining a regular pencil and a pen, but I discovered that people would have trouble with sharpening the pencil because the model has to be in plastic, so I changed the regular pencil to a mechanical pencil. Besides not having the hassle of sharpening a pencil, there is another useful perk of having a mechanical pencil and pen hybrid. When you run out of lead for the pencil, you can also switch out the empty ink in the pen portion of the creation. I researched on a reliable space website and found that the staff and astronauts are constantly running tests in space and need to do several calculations to make things precise, therefore, a PENcil would be of very good use to them.

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