This can actually be used in space and on earth. To use a heat twister, you need to put food in the center hole and seal the lid on tight. Since the food in space gets dry, this won’t make it dry. This will heat up and mix your food at the same time. When it does that, the food will melt, but when you take it out of the heat twister, instead of space making it dry, it makes it come together as one and makes it solid. If you leave it out for a long time, it will dry up again. When you put your food in the heat twister, it warms your food up for a minute and the heat twister starts as soon as the lid is sealed on tight, it starts up. The heat twister knows when the lid is on tight, and when it knows that it is on tight it starts up. You could put a lot of foods in there, such as: bananas, chocolate, strawberries, and cookies. This is a size of a box of cards, but still really useful to have for food.

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