Bringing many tools into space can use up mass and volume needed for other necessities in the rocket. From my research, I have figured out that the average rocket carries anything from about 5,000 lbs to 8,000 pounds. I combined two tools that can be printed in space when needed with a 3D printer, and astronauts won't have to bring so many tools on the rocket. When there is an emergency, someone from Earth can send an STL 3d print file that can be printed in space. The tool I created is a hammer and a screwdriver. My ScrewHammer is amazing because my two tools attach together by the hole and the piece sticking out. It also has a tether for the tool belt on it so the ScrewHammer won't float into space, because there is microgravity, which is when the pull of gravity is not strong. If an astronaut lets go of anything outside the ISS it will float away to become space junk, and tools won't float away if they have a tether attached.

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