I have created a multi tool with food utensils as my second use for this tool (this tool is also known as a bike tool). On this tool, there is two Allen keys, a 7 millimeter and an 8-millimeter Allen key, also, there is a fork and a knife attached. In this project there are 8 pieces, the two Allen keys which have large hoops coming off them, those hoops are there so a pin can go through Allen keys tube attached to the tool, this also goes for the knife and fork. The two pins have slots through them, so they can compress and become smaller to fit between the Allen key and food utensil hoops. There is a snap fit at the end of these pins, so they can lock onto to the outside of the outside of the Allen key, so it does not slide out.
This tool is useful so if one of the ISS crew members were to be at work they could use this tool to work on a bolt or use it to eat food, and not have a bunch of tools/food utensils flying around when they could be attached to one unit at hand.

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