The Wrench Helper- My combined tool consists of wrenches and their sockets with a hammer, which astronauts can use in space to fix controls on the station. The helper has a black covering that protects the sockets and the the wrench/hammer. I designed the case specifically so that it would be able to fit in small spaces having a wrench/ hammer inside. Also, the case was created so that it is flexible and different tools can be used. When you open the case you must create a password to gain access. The password is a 4-digit code. When you’re in space with no gravity the tools won’t go flying because no one can open it.
Most people hate carrying around a huge and heavy tool box that you only can put one tool in it, before it being too heavy. The physical look of the my invention is a jet black flexible covering, a silver wrench connected to a hammer. On a rocket there only can be a certain amount of weight, so the case will not add major weight which leaves for other items.

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