My project is a Tweezer-Magnifying Glass all in one. It is used to easily find something small and examine it. The magnifying glass cannot be printed directly on the item, but they can insert a magnet fitted to the size of the hole.The figure will be printed of ABS Plastic because it is sturdy for the size of item we are making. Astronauts are up in space to explore new life and alternative ways to live up there. For example, they could plant a small seed with the tweezer. Then, examine it as it grows with the magnifying glass. Another reason for tweezers would be to pick up miniscule items and study them. They can scale the item larger and sketch it to create a plan for a more efficient product. Sketches of smaller items help us get an idea of how they are constructed. If we don’t look in deeper, we can miss key points on an organism. The astronauts could then add questions and footnotes to bring back to scientists on land to study what happens in space and on Earth.

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