Hephaestus, the Greek Engineer God, has inspired my design. There is a hammer head (Hephaestus’ sign) on one side, a cube in middle with 5 faces to save dear photos & other end has a spanner wrench. Its design allows any nut to be worked on. The cover of the cube has spanner for lug-nuts. The hammer handle provides a long effort arm for tightening nuts as well as provides channels to slide 4 drivers which have regular, Phillips screwdriver, piercing needle and hex-head. It also has a ruler with cm & inches scale. Drivers (G, H, I & J) can be slid down along channel ‘L’ and held in position, ‘M’ by nuts ‘O’ to hide. Just slide forward with nut in position ‘N’ and you have a functional driver. This slide design allows gloved astronauts to easily interchange and since no loose bits, zero gravity will not create a mess. My Hephaestus indeed has not two but many more tools to accomplish many tasks of space travel. Plus serves as a personal photo-gallery to provide solace during long travel.

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