When I was working on this project I was of thinking of what tools I could combine to come up with a great new tool. When I heard the news I might have to get braces.; I was not sure what to do. I know I would have a pouch with a toothbrush, floss, wax and flashlight. They mainly need to take this to back and forth to school so they can brush and floss their teeth after I eat. I like brushing my teeth and have a fresh clean breath. I am not sure if I would remember to carry the pouch with me. I would want something that I can carry in my pocket or hockey bag. That is when I came up with the Toother. I present to you the Toother it is a tooth brush and dental floss all in one so even in space you can have fresh teeth and not have to worry about anything getting stuck in your gums. What person does not like clean fresh breath and clean teeth?

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