To create Screw Shot I used two simple materials, a screwdriver and a needle connected to a syringe.This device can be used,not only to take care of small fixes,but can also be used to treat illness,by delivering medicine through the shot.This invention consists of four parts.In term of the screwdriver use,the way to use the screwdriver is to take orange cylinder and place it into the blue grip.It can then function as a normal screwdriver,which you would twist to use.The needle and syringe use,you place the syringe into the blue grip and fill medicine into the syringe through the tiny hole at the end of the tube. Again after you have placed the syringe and medicine in you can use the needle to give medicine normally,through pushing the back end of the grip to deliver the shot.To reuse the shot, there is a place where the used syringe can be replaced.I believe I have created an invention that has two uses(repair and treatment)which can function normally using a single channel.

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