My creation is a hammer and a wrench. This can be used on a space shuttle because if you have to hammer something that can be done using my tool, also if you need to tighten something this tool will be useful. This object saves volume because instead of having these two tools separate they are together which that open spot can be used to bring something else needed in space. My tool is made to break things or to help things that are broken. My tool can be printed from space using a 3D printer. My tool is made from three cylinders and one big block and one smaller one ,and finally a cone being used as the head of the hammer. The wrench is connected to the hammer by using a connector and the wrench and fold up to be alongside the hammer handle. The wrench does have a screw so where you can adjust the tightness of the wrench.This is my 3D tool that can be used in space to help the astronauts.

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