When on a spaceship, you have to be cautious because supplies are limited. Due to the size of the spaceship and the length of time the anstonants are on there, it is necessary for them to only have the bare essentials. Which is why I created a solution to washing your hair in space. My invention not only saves space, but also helps with hygiene. A container that holds water on one half and no-rinse shampoo on the other side. There is a straw nosile at the top of each end that allows you to squeeze water and shampoo onto your scalp. Each side of the container is pushed in so that it is easier to push the water out. The nosile is needed so that the water can go directly onto your hair and not float away as much. This process helps preserve the water supply.“...as the water evaporates from my hair, it will become humidity in the air, and our air conditioning system will collect that into condensate”(Nyberg). The spaceship reproduces any floating water back into drinking water.

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