The Wrist Desk is a field research tool destined to facilitate the lives of Space Station staff. The device is essentially a portable office, combining the functions of a clipboard, a hole puncher, and a pencil holder, all comfortably curved to fit on a wrist. In researching the ISS, I came across the ISS manifesto, which listed both a clipboard and a hole puncher, which are heavy and bulky. There had to be a more efficient replacement! My design weighs half of the combined weights of both the devices. To hold paper in place, it must be fitted under the clips, which naturally curve the paper to the wrist. The hole puncher works on a pivot, creating two holes for each paper submitted, three holes can be made with repeated punching. Writing utensils would be placed under the clips in the cylindrical hole. Flexible ABS bracelets allow a wide range of wrist sizes to fit into the wrist desk, allowing more versatility for all astronauts. My device adheres to ALL measurement constraints.

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