In this creation, the objects combined are a med-kit and a storage unit. The med-kit is on the outside of the box attached with velcro. Astronauts would need a med-kit if there was any injury even if it was a papercut. You can store many items in the med-kit. Since astronauts use containers on the ISS they would most likely need the container. The storage unit is a box with a lid that has cylinders on it. The cylinders are placed in rows so you can store items such as wrenches or other tools across the top of the lid. The lid would have a casing on top that clips to the original lid of the storage unit so none of the tools would float away. Then, the original lid which has the cylinders on it would clip to the main box part of the storage unit. That way nothing can float away. So all the pieces described above all connect together. The bottom of the box will have velcro on it so any surface that has velcro attached or pieces of velcro on it the object will stick to that surface.

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