The objects that were chosen to combine into one is a PTR-QMS 300 Trace Gas Analyzer and an Advanced-Rocket Tracking Transmitter (ARTT). These two objects are very useful. The PTR-QMS 300 is a machine that measures the condition of the air, it makes sure that the air is not full of chemical pollutants. An ARTT tracks the area of the spacecraft and automatically send out the coordinates to the launch station if the rocket goes off route. These two objects are both very large and take up an enormous amount of space, causing the spacecraft to have an overbearing amount of weight. This project is lightweight and capable of saving more space on the spacecraft. The combination of these two items was originally inspired due to the amount of complications between the two. The PTR-QMS 300 was originally not functional. It would take large amounts of time to power up. The ARTT was very functional, it would take five minutes to power up, but did not have a screen showing where the spacecraft was.

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