The Clamp-Container is cylinder shaped with three built in docking positions that are designed to be used with the handrails on the ISS. The docking positions are also known as handrail clamps. The container is designed to hold various items and to aid the astronauts while transporting them. The container features a lid that when not in use can be clamped onto the handrail. The ISS is equipped with three lengths of handrails. The container will work with all three. Currently, astronauts use the handrail clamp for larger things, such as computers and cameras. This will allow them to use the handrail clamp with items that are too small to have their own clamp. It will save space by keeping multiple items stowed together, eliminating clutter and eliminating the need for bungees. It could also help with organization during projects, an example would be three clamp containers (one for tools, one for parts, and one for waste) during any given small project.

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