A screwdriver is an indispensable tool for a crew member aboard the International Space Station, but it is rarely the only one used in a particular job. When it is not in use, anyone on Earth would simply put down the screwdriver, a luxury that ISS crew members lack. Due to the lack of gravity aboard the ISS, any insecure object could easily float away. The inhabitants might sometimes wish that they could just leave their screwdriver to rest upon the very hand rail that they grip. This tool could very well be the solution; this screwdriver is able to form a clamp that fits comfortably around a hand rail. The piece with the small, round peg on top acts as extra stability, and it goes into the underside of the piece with the inner arm. This inner arm piece has a slot for a drill bit (to be specific, it is the hexagonal hole in the top peg). The final piece, the outer arm, goes around either end of the design in such a way so that the outer arm is level with the inner arm.

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