My Super Space Tool is must for the pockets of all astronauts. It has a regular (A) & Phillips screwdriver (D) and a hex-nut wrench (C), to tighten or loosen any screws. The spanner wrench (I) can handle all kinds of nuts. The flat design allows easy storage and also force of whole palm to apply pressure for rotating. Similarly the 3 prongs of screwdrivers, allow easy twisting of nuts with ‘I’. The Phillips head can poke a hole and serrated saw (F) can cut. When not cutting, cover ‘G’ is affixed for safety. ‘G’ can be used as a nail file also. The triangular and curved edges double up as a set-square (right angle DAC), protractor (B) and scale (E), for any measurements or engineering drawing. This can be a ‘Protector’ if astronaut lands in unknown terrain, with photos of loved ones and use the arc to define the latitude and longitude from the horizon, with reference to sun or other stellar constellation. A star chart can be pasted on the reverse. Indeed a super space survival tool.

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